Why You Should Fire Yourself

Publicerat: februari 11, 2010 | Sparat under: Ledarskap

Skulle du vilja eller behöva men inte våga ge dig själv sparken?

Inledningen av en artikel hämtad från Harvard Business Review av Ron Ashkenas  Partner i Robert H. Schaffer & Associates a Stamford, Connecticut. 

When management changes were announced at General Motors earlier this month, most people focused on the firing of CEO Fritz Henderson and his replacement by Chairman Ed Whitacre. The more significant moves, however, were those that took place afterwards when Whitacre promoted a number of younger managers (including two women) to key positions. Taken together, these shifts (with more to come) sent a strong message to everyone in GM that it was time for fundamentally new perspectives and faster decisions.
But why did it take a virtual purge for GM’s executives to realize that it was time for change? Wasn’t bankruptcy, a federal bailout, a near-death experience, and international embarrassment enough of a wake up call? Didn’t former CEO Henderson and his team understand the urgency for turning around GM?


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