The duality of organisational effectiveness

Publicerat: februari 4, 2010 | Sparat under: Ledarskap

En mycket intressant artikel om hur man bygger upp effektiva organisationer för att skapa tillväxt speciellt inom kunskapföretag.


In today’s knowledge age organisational leaders need to reach beyond the ’management toolbox’ and leadership mindset of the industrial age. In doing so they may realize that complex adaptive systems, such as social networks, can be influenced but not managed very effectively. In essence, the key to success in today’s rapidly changing global environment is to grasp the fact that there is a duality to organisational effectiveness. Thus, enterprises that will continue to stay on the controlled-access continuum may not prosper as well as those that jump on board the shared-access continuum. Inherently, leaders should learn how to ’unmanage’ more and place less and less emphasis on traditional management founded on control, compliance and even fear.

Dr. Charles (“Kalev”) Ehin is an Emeritus Professor of Management at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, USA and a recognized management and innovation dynamics authority.

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