The Best Leadership Is Good Management

Publicerat: januari 5, 2010 | Sparat under: Ledarskap

Inledningen av en artikel i Business Week av professor Henry Mintzberg Cleghorn, Professor of Management Studies at McGill University

Too many so-called leaders fancy themselves above the messy, but crucial, work of managing, says Henry Mintzberg

Have you heard the word ”leadership” lately—say, in the last 10 minutes? How about ”management”? Remember that word? Let me suggest that you should, because what we’ve been calling a financial crisis is actually one of management. Corporate America has had too much of fancy leadership disconnected from plain old management.
How did this happen? It became fashionable some years ago to separate ”leaders” from ”managers”—you know, distinguishing those who ”do the right things” from those who ”do things right.” It sounds good. But think about how this separation works in practice. U.S. businesses now have too many leaders who are detached from the messy process of managing. So they don’t know what’s going on.
We’re overled and undermanaged. As someone who teaches, writes, and advises about management, I hear stories about this every day: about CEOs who don’t manage so much as deem—pronouncing performance targets, for instance, that are supposed to be met by whoever is doing the real managing.


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